Lujiazui Community Foundation

Launched by the Lujiazui Street, Lujiazui Community Foundation, a local non-public foundation, was co-founded by the region's enthusiastic enterprises, the media and professional public interest personages on 25th, September of 2015. Our projects including of Tsingsi Hair Donation Charity, STONE SOUP, Lingering Fragrance of Rose, Salon at Riverbank, Construction of Green Belt and other projects have been highly appreciated inside and outside the industry. Deeply rooted in the community, the Foundation with international view can be able to promote the circulation of community resources, improve the well-being of residents and solve social problems through innovation. The Foundation focuses on the needs of community and firmly believes that a small group of the most determined people can change the world.



STONE SOUP —— spreading and sharing delicious food

STONE SOUP is a creative project launched by Lujiazui Community Foundation. This project calls together people and enterprises that love cooking and appeal them to donate food to raise money for the community in the form of Food Festival.

Construction of Green Belt —— revitalizing the community

In order to promote the development of region and community, the Lujiazui Community Foundation established this project. The project pays attention to build a more humanistic and friendly public space and to revitalize community through transforming the Plum Garden (the only public green field of residential area in Lujiazui) and the surrounding roads.

Salon at Riverbank —— focusing on hotspots in community and building an excellent salon

Salon at Riverbank is a small professional salon launched by Lujiazui Community Foundation. Choosing the proposal of community Congress as topic, the salon will invite community representatives, the residential committee cadres, government officials, community enterprises, industry experts and the public media to discuss the practical problems and explore solutions, which can provide a platform for public participation in community governance.

Tsingsi Hair Donation Charity —— caring cancer patients and giving black hair to them

Tsingsi Hair Donation Charity was founded by students of Shanghai International Studies University. In the early 2016, Tsingsi Hair Donation Charity established a special fund at Lujiazui Community Foundation. The purpose of this charity is to build a public platform to help cancer patients. The main activities include hair collection, wig production and donation.

Lingering Fragrance of Rose —— roses given, fragrance in hand

This public welfare project is jointly launched by the Lujiazui Community Foundation, the 724 Planet and Baoge, a social welfare figure. The volunteers will re-package the flowers that were recycled from the wedding sites and donate these beautiful flowers to those people who need beauty.


Construction of Green Belt

Salon at Riverbank

Tsingsi Hair Donation Charity

Lingering Fragrance of Rose


The public entrust

We provide community donors with professional advisory services, charitable trusts, and special funds and so on. Also, we can provide a full set of solutions for the donor's public trust.

Community development

We are committed to assisting multiple subjects in community development. By means of surveying community needs, making plan for the community, financing community autonomy and other ways, we hope to let the community own the long-term interests.

Social innovation

Welcoming innovation, we, together with global innovators, would like to innovate in practices of community and provide more chances and possibilities to solve the social problems.



In China, how the private owners can effectively participate in the space governance and support the public projects which are conducive to commercial development?

Community Building

How to define public space, the ladders of public participation, spatial feeling and community identity? Who will pay for the construction of community?

Public Art

Can art get involved in daily life and re-shape the public spirit?